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                Hello!Welcome to Suzhou Austin Novel Materials technology Co.,Ltd

                1、BASF built new TDI plant in Ludwigshafen

                BASF has restarted its 300000 metric tons TDI plant in Ludwigshafen site. In July 2, BASF announced that the new reactor has been completely constructed and put into test. It is estimated the future supply will be stable.

                2、Global chemical giants connect with Alibaba

                After the official cooperation started for Evonik Germany, and the launch of Cloud Purchasing platform for Wanhua China in 2017, a number of the global chemical giants including Solvay, BASF, Covestro and Arkema have put their flagship stores online Alibaba.

                3、ExxonMobil planned a world-class petrochemical project in Huizhou of Guangdong Province

                On September 1 2017, ExxonMobil signed a cooperation framework agreement and memorandum for a petrochemical project in Huizhou city. The project includes a world-class steam cracking and olefin derivatives facility, and will apply the company owned world leading techniques in its industry.

                4、BASF to build the second integrated production base in China

                In July 2018, BASF signed a memorandum of understanding with Guangdong provincial government for the construction of a highly integrated chemical production base, and solely operated by BASF. The estimated total investment will be 10 billion US dollars, and finish construction by 2030.

                5、BASF reduced production output due to low water-level of river Rhine

                In August 7 2018, BASF announced that the production output volume has been reduced in its Ludwigshafen site, due to the low water level of river Rhine. Besides, the production site of Covestro in North Rhine-Westphalia was also affected by this.

                6、Storage tank explosion for SECCO Shanghai

                On May 12 2018, an explosion took place when examination and maintenance work undergoing for the storage tanks, which belong to Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Limited. Six men lost their lives in this accident.

                7、Mlily sued TDI suppliers for horizontal monopoly

                The Mlily company has initiated a lawsuit to four TDI suppliers including Fujian Chemical Group, for their agreement in horizontal monopoly, and resulting an unusual increase in raw-material prices. Ningbo intermediate court accepted the case on February 22.

                8、50 people were accused for the illegal dump of production waste

                On May 13 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment made an announcement of the illegal dump of industrial waste with Sanwei Group. During August 2017 to April 2018, Sanwei Group illegally handed over 168 thousand cubic-meters of carbide slag and coal ash to the villages and dumped. The waste water was directly pour into Fen River.

                9、The found of Huntsman group passed away at the age of 80

                Mr. Jon M. Huntsman, the founder of Huntsman Group, passed away in his home locating in Salt Lake Utah, in February 2018.

                10、Gas leaked in Phase II TDI production site of GNFC

                On January 15 2018, a gas leak took place in Phase II TDI production site of GNFC. It was the second gas leakage in 27 months for the site.

                11、Dow’s production site for polyether polyols put into operation

                On July 11 2018, Dow’s PU department celebrated the opening ceremony of polyether polyol production site in Zhangjiagang base. The base will provide excellent PU materials and customization for the customers, to satisfy the growing demands in fields of durable consumptions, infrastructure, and automotive.

                12、BASF signed strategical cooperation agreement with Huafeng Group

                BASF has signed strategical cooperation agreement with Huafeng Group in Shanghai, for the development of polyurethanes, biological fiber and spandex.

                13、A 52.2 billion acquisition by Wanhua Chemical

                On May 9 2018, Wanhua Chemical has announced an asset reorganization plan. The company will make an acquisition to its controlling shareholder Wanhua petrochemical by issuance of shares. After the acquisition, the assets of Wanhua petrochemical will be completely transferred to Wanhua Chemical.


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